(মমতাজ) Momtaz Folk Queen Biography | Interview with Music

Momtaz Begum is a popular folk singer and producer of the country and she is a parliament member of Bangladesh. She is considered as the Music Queen around the country. Momtaz in her long term career released more than 700 single albums. She comes from a humble background to the music industry by hard-working, she established herself in the field. She used to pass an unstable life in the early of career, roaming around the country to manage livelihood by singing songs.


Momtaz Begum Early Life:

Momtaz Begum was born at Singer, Manikganj, Bangladesh to Madhu Boyati and Ujala Begum. Prominent singer Madhu Boyati is her father who taught her music. The talented singer goes through the terrific financial crisis in early life but she had a fondness for music from childhood. The father and daughter used to perform on the stage in the different corners of the country. Momtaz Begum also took the lesson on music from Metal Razzak Dewan and Abdur Rashid Sarkar. She is now a powerful singer in the country.



Momtaz Begum comes to the music industry with the help of a father as her father was a singer, she accompanied her father in several programs. Later she started performing in stages. At first, she released an album entirely financed by her, gradually she began to get offers from the various company but she signed with the companies at a very low rate.

Later she got the huge success in the career for her outstanding singing performance and became so busy with the music and got the countrywide familiarity overnight. Now, Momtaz little bit away from the music for the political reason, she elected Member of Parliament for two times. She visited several courtiers for doing a music show.

Personal Life:

Momtaz Begum tied a knot with the singer and lyricist Abdur Rashid Sarkar. After passing a few years conjugal life Rashid divorce the singer over the allegation of extramarital affairs with Ramzan Ali. Then she married Ramzan Ali, Momtaz also divorced the man in 2008 and began to dating with Moinuddin Hassan Chanchal. Later they married to each other. Momtaz is enlisted in the Guinness World Book of Records for releasing the highest number of albums.


Popular Songs:

-Nantu Ghotoker Kotha Shuina
-Premer Batti Jalaiya Amare Falaiya
-Bukta Faitta Jay
-Khairunlo Tor Lomba Mathar Kesh
-Age Jodi Jantam Re Bondhu