Untold Story of Azam Khan | War 1971

Azam Khan Participation in the Liberation War. In 1969, Khan took part in the “গণঅভূথ্যান (Public Awakening)” against the West Pakistan government. He was a member of the group “ক্রান্তি শিল্পী গোষ্ঠি (Trinity Artist Group)” back then. He used to compose songs against Pakistani rulers.


In 1971, his father Aftabuddin became the senior officer in the secretariat. His father inspired him and his brothers to go to the war. He went to Agortola on foot with his two friends. His target was to work under major Khaled Mosharraf in Sector 2. He took part in the war at the age of 21.

He went to Meghaloy of India for training. At the end of the training, he took part in the protest against the Pakistani army in Comilla. He first fought straight some time in Saldah, after that he returned to Agartala again. He was then sent to Dhaka to take part in the guerrilla war. Khan was in charge of a section of two sectors.

The sector commander was colonel Khaled Mosharraf. In Dhaka, he took part in several guerrilla attacks in Dhaka and around it as a section commander. Khan is basically responsible for managing guerrilla operations in the Jatrabari-Gulshan area. The most notable of these was “Operation Titas” under his leadership. Their duty was to destroy some gas pipelines in Dhaka, especially Hotel Intercontinental (Now Sheraton Hotel), Hotel Purbani obstructing gas supply.

Their goal was to make sure that the foreigners staying in those hotels can understand that a war is going on in the country. In this war, he was hit in his left ear. Which later obstructed his hearing. Azam Khan entered Dhaka with his accomplices in mid-December 1971. Earlier that, they defeated the Pakistani army in a battle organized in Trimohani near Madartek.